Railway Ministry shares pics taken from moving trains. It will leave you mesmerised

Shared on Twitter, the post shows a few long exposure shots taken from moving trains. The post was shared by Ministry of Railways.

Pictures taken from moving trains have gone viral after being shared on Twitter.

In Short

  • A post shared by Ministry of Railways has gone viral.
  • It shows surreal shots of trains.
  • Netizens loved the surreal photos.

By Srimoyee Chowdhury: The art of photography is something that brings out the beauty in the most mundane and ordinary things. For example, this post shared by the Ministry of Railways gives a glimpse of trains through angles that one never imagined. However, before scrolling down to check the pictures, let us remind you that the pictures were taken keeping utmost safety in mind.


Shared on Twitter, the post shows a few long exposure shots taken from moving trains after sun down. The pictures give a feeling of surrealism and look straight out of a sci-fi movie.

“Magical play of light caught through the running train. #LightAndSpeed,” read the caption. The photographs were captured by the team of The Train Story.

Take a look:

The post has garnered over 800 likes and many reactions. People were amazed by the perfectly timed photos. Many wrote about how the pictures portrayed a totally different way to how people see trains.

"This is incredible," wrote a Twitter user. "The pictures are too good," commented another. "Looks like a different world," said a third.

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