Salary to code of conduct, 5 shocking clauses in the Bigg Boss contract

Bigg Boss 16 is all set to premiere on October 1. Ahead of that, here's all you need to know about the terms of the contract of Bigg Boss contestants.

Salary to code of conduct, 5 shocking clauses in the Bigg Boss contract
Bigg Boss 16 will premiere from October 1.

By Grace Cyril: Bigg Boss is back guys! The 16th season of the most popular TV reality show is all set to premiere on October 1, and we can't keep calm. While the first contestant of the season, Abdu Rozik, has been announced, we are waiting with bated breaths to know the rest of the celebrities entering the house. However, ahead of BB 16, we have got answers to some of the most asked questions about the show. Read on to know more about the contract details of the contestants, fine for breach of contract and other things.



Before entering the BB house, all the contestants are required to sign a 120-page-long contract with the Colors channel.

1. Why do you think no one gets to know the names of the confirmed Bigg Boss contestants till the very last minute? That's because the clause says that the contestants cannot reveal that they have been confirmed before entering the house. If they do so, they will lose all their money.

2. That is not all! Even after coming out of the BB house, the contestant cannot speak to the media or else they will lose their money.

3. The amount that the contestant has earned from the show doesnt come into their account as soon as they are eliminated. There is a whole process behind it. They recieve the money only after that taxes are deducted.

4. If any contestant has a medical condition, they have to inform the makers beforehand. They are only permitted to carry the medicines based on the doctor's prescription. All the contestants are also required to declare fitness cerificate.

5. Physial violence is a strict no-no in the BB house. The clause says that indulging in physical fights will lead to elimination. The contestants are also forbidden to use any sharp objects. In previous seasons as well, several contestants have been eliminated for getting into physical fights.


Tenure means how long you are bound to the contract you have signed. In the case of Bigg Boss it's 100 days or the time that the contestants are inside the house. The contract also mentions that the contestants have to be available for promo shoots, promotions, the finale and interviews.


A breach of contract means breaking the rules one has signed for. One of the clause also mentions that a contestant has to stay in the house unless eliminated. If they flout this rule, they have to pay a hefty fine of Rs 2 crore to the channel.