Tech Tips

How to apply for passport online on Passport Seva portal 

Passport Seva Portal lets you apply for passport online. It also provides Police Clearance Certificate and Identity Certificate online, which are majorly required for international travel. 

Blocked? 5 quick tips to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp

WhatsApp offers an option to block anyone on the platform. The feature can be used when someone doesn't want to exchange messages with an individual on WhatsApp. It is simple to block users. But, how to check if someone blocked you as there is no such feature to find out? Keep reading to find out.

How to port to Airtel without changing the phone number

Facing network issue and want to port to a different telecom operator without changing the phone number? Here’s how you can port your network to Airtel without really changing the number. Check out the details.

How to update Aadhaar card photo: Step-by-step guide

Aadhaar Card is a mandatory identity card for citizens of India. Here's a detailed guide on how you can update the photo on your Unique Identification card.

Tech Tips: How to enable or disable battery percentage on iPhones

Apple brings new features with the iOS 16.1 update. Reintroduces battery percentage feature back for iPhones.

Airtel Digital TV users can cut down their monthly DTH bill, here is how

Airtel lets users create personalised DTH plan by choosing channels they actually watch and get rid of the unwanted ones. This way, users will need to pay only for channels they watch and have their monthly DTH bill reduced by a large margin.

How to transfer contacts from Android to Android, iPhone to iPhone

If you're worried about losing your contacts, the solution is neat and extremely simple. It works seamlessly for both Android smartphones and iPhones.

How to quickly access your phone’s photos or videos on any device

I would recommend you to use Google services to access your data anywhere. It is trustworthy and one of the safest options for saving data on a third-party service.

Delhi free electricity: How to apply for Voluntary Subsidy Scheme using WhatsApp

Delhi residents will have to apply for Voluntary Subsidy Scheme to continue getting discounts on their monthly electricity bill. Here are the details.

3 tricks to send WhatsApp messages without saving phone number

There's no official feature to do the same but there are some ways to send WhatsApp messages to people without saving their phone number.

Tech tips: How to remove password from a PDF file

You must have been in situations wherein you would have received a PDF file as an email but it was locked. How do you remove the password from the PDF file? There’s a simple hack to do that.

Is your phone slowing down? here's how to speed up your smartphone

Here are some useful tips to speed up your old smartphone and boost performance without buying a brand-new device.