Xiaomi smart airfryer review: Good buy under Rs 10,000?

Xiaomi smart airfryer offers app support, temperature level up to 200°C, and as well as recipe suggestions in the Mi Home app. All at a price of Rs 9,999. Let's take a closer look.  



  • Xiaomi smart airfryer that comes at a price of Rs 9,999.
  • It offers app support and temperature level up to 200°C.
  • Setting up and using the Xiaomi airfryer is extremely easy and simple.

There was a time when Xiaomi was mostly known for its smartphone. But now, there are many more products that the company offers to Indian consumers. And some of them are even products you wouldn't associate with Xiaomi until you see them or know about them. One of the latest additions to Xiaomi’s smart home lineup is a smart airfryer that comes at a price of Rs 9,999.

I believe the company has unveiled an airfryer, and a smart one too, at the right time. Nowadays, airfrying is the latest trend with people trying to avoid oil -- so no deep frying -- and still wanting their fix of potato wedges and cutlets.

I have been using the Xiaomi smart airfryer for nearly three weeks now, and it does a good job. If you see the options available, there are not many good airfryers out there under the price tag of Rs 10,000. And probably none that offers "smart features" like connectivity to the app and remote controls. Xiaomi's airfryer is trying to fill in this gap.

This is the company’s first airfryer but its use comes across as a well-cooked product. It offers app support, temperature level up to 200°C, and as well as recipe suggestions in the Mi Home app. All at a price of Rs 9,999. Let's take a closer look.

Design and build

Just like any other smart home product by Xiaomi, the new smart air fryer comes with minimal design and is in white colour. Personally, I would have liked the air fryer in darker shades, like blue or black, because the white one gets dirty very easily. I mean it's always in the kitchen all sorts of food items, particularly marinated foods, are going into it. It gets smudges and looks soiled in no time.

The Xiaomi smart airfryer includes a rotating control on the front, using which users control temperature and time. The rotating button includes a round AMOLED screen that shows the cooking directions and also the time remaining and temperature. Above that is the power option that comes with touch functionality.

The airfryer comes with a frying basket and a round grill plate. The inside of the basket and the grill are all made of non-stick material. The entire machine is quite light so you can easily move it from one spot to other in your kitchen depending on your convenience and requirements. The outer layer of the airfryer is made of plastic, but that doesn't mean the machine feels cheap. The build quality is quite good and befits a big brand like Xiaomi.

Setting up and using it

Setting up and using the Xiaomi airfryer is extremely easy and simple. You will need to plug in the airfryer to a socket and then (for smart access) connect the machine to the Mi Home app, available for both Android and iPhone users. The connectivity happens through WiFi. Tap on the power option and turn on the machine and then the "Xiaomi airfryer" option will be visible in the app. Click on the device name and you will be able to control the machine through the app.

Once the cooking is complete, the airfryer alerts users on the Mi Home app if you have set the alert functionality. If you haven't then the airfryer produces a loud sound to let users know that job is done.

Now, controlling the fryer through the app is a neat idea but there is one issue: the Mi Home app isn't a terribly well-designed app. It often updates itself and sometimes ends up giving prompts and notifications that look broken. In other words, it needs polishing.

Performance: The cooking process

Xiaomi claims that its smart airfryer can cook a whole lot of dishes and also bake and make curd. I mostly tried cooking some of the food that we usually deep fries like pakodas, nuggets and fried chicken. I also baked cupcakes and they turned out to be quite nice and tasty.

The primary struggle I had was with the temperature setting. I would have personally liked it if the app recommended the timing that worked the best for the food that was cooking. So, in the beginning, a lot of my time went into figuring out the temperature and the timing bit. Eventually, I had a better understanding of how the fryer cooked the food I was putting in it. For instance: For grilling chicken, I realised 200°C worked the best with the cooking time of around 15 minutes.

One bit that I liked about the airfryer was that it reminded me to take out the cooking bucket and give it a shake so the food cooked evenly. This alert too came through the app.

Cleaning the cooking basket is easy, which is a relief because in some airfryers -- for example: in Philips one that is very popular in India -- the cleaning part is a major major hassle. In fact, the cleaning process with the default grill rack and basket in the Philips airfryer HD9218 is so bad that it almost seems like a bad design purposefully because Philips also accessories that are easier to clean. No such issues with the Xiaomi airfryer and I found cleaning it easy.

Xiaomi smart airfryer: Should you buy it?

The airfryer market in India is still evolving. Xiaomi possibly wants to capture that space, more so now that it is dabbling in smart home products in a significant way. It earlier saw scope in the TV and air purifiers. In both segments, it can be said that the company has been fairly successful. Now, it seems Xiaomi wants to repeat the same formula in the airfryer market.

Xiaomi's first airfryer I feel does a good enough job. It comes with a minimal design that, I believe, will go well with any kind of home decor. Although I don't fancy the white colour much. It is also easy to use the airfryer and the best thing is - it can be controlled using the Mi Home app. Although, the app needs polishing. Overall, for the price of Rs 9,999, the Xiaomi airfryer is a good option, largely because of its smart features that aren't offered in this price range by other manufacturers.

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Xiaomi smart airfryer review 8/10


  • Minimal design
  • App support
  • Easy to clean


  • Bland colour
  • App support limited