Russia Backs India In UNGA For Permanent Seat In The UN

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov supported India's position in the 77th United Nations General Assembly. Russia said that India should now become the permanent member of the UN, calling it a 'key international actor' and 'worthy candidate for permanent membership within the Council'. However, EAM S. Jaishankar has not said anything after the UNGA. Do you think India should now become the permanent member of the UN?

Top News | 26th September 22

Deepti Sharma Runs out Charlotte Dean in her Delivery Stride, Was her Action in Spirit?

The third ODI between India and England ended in controversial fashion after Deepti Sharma ran out Charlotte Dean in her delivery stride. The decision to run out the non-striker was legalized in their newest modification to the rules.

Top News | 26th September 22

Who is CP Joshi, Rajasthan Assembly Speaker whose name was pitched by Ashok Gehlot for CM?

Who will be the next CM of Rajasthan? Ashok Gehlot has pitched CP Joshi's name for the CM post. But they were once well-known rivals. Watch this story.

Top News | 26th September 22

Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict: Disputes Over Nagorno-Karabakh Region Continues To Escalate | Explained

Armenia celebrated its 31st Independence Day on 21st September. But with constant attacks and a threat of invasion Armenia seems far from celebrating its Independence. As per the govt of Armenia, 13th September 2022 attacks led to death of at least 135 soldiers. Azerbaijan’s attack has caused loss of civil properties and lives in Armenia. Communities in Armenia are undergoing torture by the Azerbaijan military. What is the conflict all about? Watch this video to see the breakdown explained.

Top News | 26th September 22

Why this 12-foot-tall Syrian puppet, Little Amal, is on a world tour

Little Amal, the 12ft puppet, is a 10yr old Syrian refugee girl who is on a world tour. It has travelled to New York from Ecuador, Afghanistan and Myanmar. But, why? Watch to know more.

Top News | 26th September 22

Xi Jinping: What’s the truth behind his house arrest and ‘military coup’ rumours in China?

Is Xi Jinping missing? Is there a military coup in China? Speculation began on the internet after Jinping was said to be missing from the public eye following his return from the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) meeting in Uzbekistan. After this, claims of the president being under house arrest went viral on Chinese social media. Here's the truth behind it 

Top News | 26th September 22

Falguni Pathak Vs Neha Kakkar: Maine Payal Hai Chhankai War Escalates, Netizens Share Disappointment

Neha Kakka remade Falguni Pathak's Maine Payal Hai Chhankai and titled it O Sajna. The remake has failed to impress the masses and even Falguni herself. Which version did you like the most?

Top News | 26th September 22

Iranian Security Forces Shoots Down 20-year-old Model Hadis Najafi During Anti-Hijab Protest

Hadis Najafi is another victim of Iran’s strict dress code for women, which is practicing the Hijab. She had joined the protest against Mahsa Amini’s death. A few days later, she was found dead with 6 bullet injuries. Najafi was shot in the abdomen, neck, heart, and hand. Watch to know more.

Top News | 26th September 22