Mahesh Bhatt, Danny Denzongpa didn’t object being written about relationship with Parveen Babi, says Kabir Bedi

Kabir Bedi was in a complicated relationship with Parveen Babi. At an AajTak event, he revealed how Mahesh Bhatt and Danny Denzongpa didn’t object to him writing about their own relationships with Parveen in his book.

Kabir Bedi says Mahesh Bhatt (extreme left) and Danny Denzongpa (extreme right) didn't object to him writing about their relationship with Parveen Babi.
Kabir Bedi says Mahesh Bhatt (extreme left) and Danny Denzongpa (extreme right) didn't object to him writing about their relationship with Parveen Babi.

By India Today Web Desk: Kabir Bedi had quite a complicated relationship with Parveen Babi. The actor, also an author, recently graced the Sahitya AajTak session where he spoke about his tumultuous phase with Parveen. He mentioned that their relationship was based on mutual sensitivity and that Parveen's mental illness complicated their relationship.

In his autobiography titled Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Life of an Actor, Kabir has bared his heart out. Not only his own relationship with Parveen Babi, Kabir has also written about her relationships with actor Danny Denzongpa and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. At Sahitya AajTak event, Kabir revealed that both Danny and Mahesh didn't object to it.



In his book, Kabir Bedi also chronicles Parveen Babi's relationships with Danny Denzongpa and Mahesh Bhatt. In the book, Kabir mentions that Parveen drifted away from him when he was shooting in Italy. The couple finally parted ways. This was the time she fell in love with Mahesh Bhatt. When Kabir was asked if Mahesh or Danny ever objected to the book, he replied, “They didn’t object, because what I wrote in the book is true and they know it. There is nothing to hide here.”


Kabir Bedi said, “When Parveen came to me and I realised she wanted to start a relationship with me, I knew she was delicate at that time. She had just broken up with Danny Denzongpa. I did not want to take advantage of her. The basis of relationship was mutual sensitivity. But my relationship with her was complicated because Parveen's mental state was deteriorating day by day. This happened when I was touching the peak of my career in Italy with Sandokan, the popular Italian TV, which was a huge success.”

“When we were in India, there was no problem. I knew she was a bigger star than me, I was coming up. But when we came to Italy and people started sidelining Parveen, I could see the resentment in her. She was not used to playing second fiddle to me," Kabir added.

“Suddenly I was the star and she was not. This also upset her. Add to the fact that her mental health was slowly deteriorating. In the third chapter of the book, I write about my success and her mental breakdown, so you will find a strange ‘juggalbandi’ in the chapter. How at a professional level, I was achieving greater heights but at a personal level, tragedies were happening,” the actor said.

“I thought if I talk about my successes then I should also talk about my failures, my mistakes, so that people will believe it. If it is a journey of self-praise, who is interested? People ready biography to figure out what they can take away with it. My book has entertainment, drama, adventure. What is it to live a life not just of an actor but an international actor in uncharted territory,” Kabir Bedi added.

Kabir and Parveen never got married, but their relationship made headlines.