Prajakta Koli at e-Mind Rocks 2021: I was nervous before I met Michelle Obama

Prajakta Koli was one of the guest speakers at e-Mind Rocks 2021. The social media star talked about her YouTube journey and her experience of meeting Michelle Obama for the first time.

Prajakta Koli at e-Mind Rocks 2021: I was nervous before I met Michelle Obama
Prajakti Koli was one of the guest speakers at e-Mind Rocks.

By India Today Web Desk: She is one of India's biggest content creators. Her YouTube channel, MostlySane, has over 6 million followers. She has also won the Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Daytime Non-Fiction Special for Creator of Change. She is none other than Prajakta Koli and she was one of the guest speakers at e-Mind Rocks 2021. Prajakta spoke about her YouTube journey and her first meeting with Michelle Obama.


Prajakta Koli shared that she started her YouTube channel as she had no other option, and she was desperate to leave her radio job. “It started when I was in the sixth standard. I knew what I wanted to do in life. I had decided when I was in Class 6 that I wanted to be a radio jockey. My entire life was like this - everything was planned. Everything worked according to plan until I got my own show and realised that I was horrible at this job. It was a huge shock for me. I was in a place where I was like - anything but radio. I was so demotivated that I did not know what to do. So, Sudeep, who also manages me now, met me at the radio station and told me ‘look your energy is quite fun, have you thought of starting a YouTube channel?’ So that was almost 6 years ago and I had no idea about it. I was desperate at that time and wanted to get out of radio and explore something new. That is how YouTube started for me. I went into it because I did not have an option but I think this was the best decision,” she said.

Prajakta’s mom is a huge, huge fan of all the content creators on YouTube. “My parents, especially my mom, is a huge fan of all the YouTubers. She knows everything and everyone,” she added.

Prajakta talks about how she came up with the idea to create thoughtful content during the pandemic. “The second wave was disastrous and yes we were all personally affected. I lost someone close. My shortcoming was when some new term was being introduced no one was talking about it in simpler terms so that I can understand. We were seeing scientific articles and scientists talking about these things. But there was no one to explain these things in simpler terms. I had small questions on my mind. I thought if I am feeling this, there might be many others facing the same problem. So I talked to my team and then came up with this content to help explain these things to people,” she said.

Did you know Prajakta Koli is a big fan of Canadian comedian Lilly Singh? “I am a huge fan of Lily Singh. I think she has done phenomenally for content creators across the world. When I started my YouTube channel, my only reference was Lilly. I am also a big fan of Liza. I worked with her last year which was amazing. In India, I think everyone is so good. When I started off I was their fan and now I get to call them my friends. I like Ashish’s content, Nick, Bhuvan and many others. But if there is someone whose videos I look forward to it's Ellen DeGeneres


Asked if Prajakta Koli is single, and pat comes the response, “No I'm not single. I met my boyfriend when I was 18.”

Prajakta Koli also shared her experience of working in the film Jug Jugg Jeeyo. “Almost 1 month before the release of Mismatched I started working on Jug Jugg Jeeyo. I was also very nervous because it was my first film. The idea was also that it's Dharma Productions so everyone will be very intimidating. But when I reached there I realised that these are a bunch of people who love their job and they are brilliant in what they do. They are performers and they are artists and they were very welcoming. I got to learn so much from them.”

But perhaps the most fulfilling day at work for her was when she got to meet Michelle Obama. “I think that was my favourite day at work. I was nervous before I met Michelle Obama but once I met her it was all gone because she gave me this tight hug and that nervous energy was gone.”


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