'Insufficient': Gujarat HC raps government over compensation to kin of Morbi tragedy victims

Almost a month after the Morbi bridge collapse accident, the Gujarat High Court told the state government that the compensation given to those affected by the accident is insufficient.

Morbi bridge collapse
The Morbi bridge collapsed on October 30, killing over 130 people.

By Aneesha Mathur: The Gujarat High Court on Thursday came down heavily on the state government and said the compensation given to the families of those who died in the Morbi bridge collapse is "abysmal". The court said the compensation should be realistic and the need of the hour is to give appropriate compensation.

It also criticised the state government for the compensation amount given to those injured in the accident.


The Morbi bridge, famously called the ‘Jhoolta Pul’, built more than a century ago over the Machchhu river, collapsed on October 30 killing over 130 people.

The court observed that Rs 3,000 per month to those who became orphans after the accident amounts to nothing and said the amount will not be able to cover even the cost of uniforms and books. “Rs 3,000 per month is highly insufficient,” said the court.

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Following the accident, seven children became orphans and 12 children lost one of their parents.

The court also added that the compensation paid was not satisfactory and the state government should at least double the compensation or give at least Rs 10 lakh. The state government was asked to furnish the entire details of those who were dependent on the victims of the accident.

The court has now asked the state government to file a detailed affidavit and come out with a policy to properly compensate those who were affected by the accident.

It also objected to the mention of the victims’ castes in the list issued of the deceased.


Apart from the issue of compensation for victims and their families, the high court also asked the state government to conduct a survey of all the bridges in the state. The court asked the State to ensure that all the bridges are in the proper condition.

It also asked for a list of all the bridges detailing how many are in a similar state as the Morbi bridge. The state is to submit a report within 10 days.

The existing condition of the bridges need to be certified by the jurisdictional engineers, said the court.

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