Protests break out at NIT Calicult after ex-student kills self in Punjab, blames director in note

A Kerala native and a former student of NIT Calicut, committed suicide in Punjab on September 20. His suicide note alleged that the NIT director had emotionally tortured him, leading him to take the extreme step, resulting in protests in the NIT campus.

Protesters clash with police outside NIT Calicut campus in Kerala.
Protesters clash with police outside NIT Calicut campus in Kerala.


  • A Kerala native killed himself in a private university in Punjab
  • He was a former student of NIT Clalicut from 2018 to 2022
  • His suicide note alleged hat he was mentally tortured by NIT Calicut's director, leading to him taking the extreme step

The suicide of a 22-year-old student from Kerala at Lovely Professional University in Punjab, on September 20, stirred protests after the student took the name of NIT Calicut director, Prasad Krishna, in his suicide note.

The NIT Calicut campus saw massive protests by students asking Prasad Krishna to step down. “Agin’s suicide note clearly takes the name of Prof Prasad Krishna and he is the prime accused in a case, so he should temporarily step down. He has no right to continue until proven innocent,” said the students.

The note said he was mentally disturbed over the alleged problems faced at the NIT, during his days at the institute between 2018 and 2022. Media reports also said the boy had allegedly blamed the NIT director, professor Prasad Krishna, for emotionally torturing him during his study there.


The student wing of the CPIM and the SFI also marched in large numbers towards the campus and a clash broke out with the police. The Kunnamangalam police, however, said no case has been registered based on the allegations by the former student.

NIT Calicut issued a clarification which said Agin could not earn the credits required in the first year even in his fourth year of the course. The authorities said, as per regulations, the student cannot continue the course in this case.

Agin's family said he sounded normal when his father spoke to him in the afternoon. “He had told me about the professor but I didn't think it was this serious. He told me he was not allowed to clear four exams by the professor at NIT Calicut,” said Agin's father.

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