India Today TV’s Democratic Newsroom to premiere at 7 pm today

India Today TV's Democratic Newsroom is set to premiere at 7 pm on September 23. The show will bring honest journalism with diversified viewpoints to its viewers.

India Today TV's first-of-its-kind show will bring the democratic newsroom debates into the full public gaze.
India Today TV's first-of-its-kind show will bring the democratic newsroom debates into the full public gaze.

India Today TV is launching Democratic Newsroom, a prime time show devoid of any agenda, where news anchors are given free rein to present their diversified viewpoints on the same issue across a table. The launch of this new show marks a beginning that will go a long way in re-establishing the genre as a credible knowledge source by making each voice heard, each opinion weighed in, every evidence examined, thus giving a chance to the audience to make its own informed choices.

The show brings out a team that faces news and views head-on. They will discuss, dissect, investigate, and debate and they won't stop. Because when there’s a dark shadow over TV news, only one thing shines through: a democratic newsroom.

At a time when TV news faces the biggest glare ever amidst an ongoing hate speeches for TRP, a time when the country’s top court takes a dismal view, a time when the nation’s fingers point at TV news channels, one show will rise above all others. ‘Democratic Newsroom’ and India Today won’t hide behind bias, bombast and bigotry.

The marquee series in its digital avatar had built on the India Today Group's four-decade-long legacy of its gold standard of journalism where the channel’s anchors are given an equal platform and journalistic liberty to express their varied opinions on any matter national or international.

Some of the prominent democratic newsrooms debates spoken about recently include those on the government’s decision to rename Rajpath as Kartavyapath, the next general elections, the National Herald case & ED questioning Rahul Gandhi, the trend of Bollywood boycott, the Gyanwapi case, the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard lawsuit, and the need for a one-day state mourning held on the passing away of Queen Elizabeth.

Democratic Newsroom is a first-of-its-kind show that will bring democratic newsroom debates into full public gaze. The audience will have an opportunity to join the editors as they discuss, argue and challenge each other on the top subjects of the week. The channel has taken on this challenge of bringing honest journalism with diversified viewpoints while abhorring the race for ratings.

Starting September 23, 7 pm onwards, the show’s promise is that ‘A Democratic Newsroom has many voices but one responsibility - to keep the news honest. India Today goes above and beyond TRP ratings, bringing you a true democracy, one where every shade of opinion is respected and given space.’

To quote a bench of honourable justices, “Right of anchor is less than the right of listener who is entitled to know views of all sides”. Therefore, on Democratic Newsroom expect ‘No issue as taboo, no opinion ignored, and no question unanswered.’

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