‘Evasive’ Amanatullah Khan’s questioning to be videotaped: Anti-corruption officials

The Anti-Corruption Bureau will record AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan's probe, alleging he has been 'evasive'.

AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan was arrested in connection with irregularities in Delhi Waqf Board recruitment.
AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan was arrested in connection with irregularities in Delhi Waqf Board recruitment. (India Today)

By Sreya Chatterjee: The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), while seeking further custody of Amanatullah Khan in the alleged Waqf Board Scam, stated that they will be video graphing his interrogation. Stating that he had been evasive during the probe, the agency said that they will chalk down questions and let the former answer them, which will be captured on camera.

While seeking remand, the law enforcement agency also highlighted entries from Khan’s aide, Laddan, that suggested that 37 people had received funds from him which included a Dubai link that needed to be probed.


The ACB claimed Laddan was the fund manager of Amanatullah Khan, based on the diary entries, cheque book entries, and a letter to Laddan from Amanatullah Khan establishing political camaraderie. Laddan has also been arrested by Delhi Police under the Arms Act. The officials will likely seek his custody to join the confrontation with Khan.

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The ACB, while seeking further remand, also put forth a statement from a witness who said that in the year 2021, he had submitted his bid for the Waqf board shop at Fatehpuri Masjid. His bid was declared to be the highest, for Rs. 30,000.

He was called to the Delhi Waqf Board office to complete the formalities and asked to pay a sum of Rs 10 lakh. However, he declined to pay and on his refusal to pay the demanded money, he was directed to withdraw himself from the bidding process. Accordingly, he withdrew himself from the bidding.

The ACB alleged that Amanatullah Khan accepted the bid of another bidder who had quoted a much lesser sum of Rs 19,000, which led to a financial loss being caused to the exchequer of the Delhi Waqf Board. The complainant in the matter, Hafiz Irshad, speaking to India Today, made similar allegations. He stated that he had complained about irregularities in the allotment of shops in Fatehpuri Masjid.

Advocate Rahul Mehra, appearing for Amanatullah Khan, alleged that the ACB was trying to prejudice the matter by mentioning places like Dubai without any corroborating evidence. He also stated that Amanatullah Khan had no link to Laddan, and the diary entry can’t be taken as the bible.

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According to him, in Laddan’s diary, there is an entry of two cheques given to Amanatullah Khan. However, there is no evidence of the same being received by him. He mentioned that Rs 80 lakh was received by Khan on his personal account during the Covid-19 and ethnic mob violence in Delhi and every penny had been transferred into the relief fund of people.

He refuted the witnesses in the matter, claiming the said witnesses testified by ACB, the Anjuman-e-Haideri trust with which the Delhi Waqf Board has ongoing litigation over the Jor Bagh Karbala property, which is why it can’t be trusted.


Special Judge, Vikas Dhull sent Amanatullah Khan for 5 days of custody. The matter will be next heard on September 26.