'Dynasty, Money, Katta': JP Nadda 'defines' DMK in Tamil Nadu

BJP chief JP Nadda made a scathing attack on the ruling DMK in Tamil Nadu, calling it a 'Dynastic Money Swindling Katta Panchayat'.

BJP Chief JP Nadda attended and addressed a public meeting in Tamil Nadu on Thursday (Photo: Twitter/BJP)

BJP President JP Nadda, who is in Tamil Nadu to hold several party meetings, launched a scathing attack on the ruling DMK in the state, calling it a 'Dynastic Money Swindling Katta Panchayat'. DMK has no interest in development and is only interested in perpetuating a dynasty which is starkly opposed to the concept of democracy, the BJP chief said.

"It is the DMK ideology, the family is the one running the show. It is bringing in dynasty and they are swindling all the money. They run the government to benefit the family. From police station to everywhere else, there is katta panchayat," he said.

Coining a new name for the DMK, he said it stands for D-Dynasty, M- for Money Swindling and K-Katta Panchayats.

"The ruling DMK in Tamil Nadu has no regional aspirations and, like several regional political parties across the country, it is keen on continuing dynasty politics," the BJP chief said. He called upon the people to 'rid' the dynasty party from the state.

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"Stalin and his DMK have no regional aspirations and no contribution. M Karunanidhi (former Chief Minister and DMK icon) was there. Now his son M K Stalin, came and younger Stalin (Udhayanidhi) has come. While all others in the party remain to applaud," Nadda sarcastically remarked.

"Stalin and his party cannot talk about development because the letters in the DMK stands for Dynasty, Money swindling and Katta panchayat (Kangroo court)," Nadda alleged.

The BJP is the only national party in the country and under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is taking care of the regional aspirations of the people including those in Tamil Nadu, Tamil language and literature, culture and moving forward.

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On the other hand, the DMK's contribution was hate politics, he claimed. "The DMK is trying to divide the society. Beyond division, you have no vision. Ideologically, you are a big zero. Our ideology is to usher in development for the people," he said going hammer and tongs at the DMK.

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