The 10 most powerful leaders of 2022 who dared to dream and bring change

Let's look at the 10 leaders of 2022


By India Today Web Desk:

1: Dr. Alok Sharma Founder and Director of NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute

He is the Founder and Director of the NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute as well as the KLS Wellness Institute of Anti-Aging. He is also the Professor and Head of Neurosurgery at the LTMG hospital and Medical College and the President of the Stem Society (India) & Vice President of the International Association of Neurorestoratology. A Neurosurgeon with keen interest in the field of Stem cells for neurological disorders. He has authored 24 books, published 172 scientific papers in medical journals and made over 200 scientific presentations. NeuroGen runs two hospitals in Navi Mumbai. The institute has been awarded the Best Stem Cell Therapy Centre in India several times. They have also received several international awards like Newton Universal Legendary Award in Boston, USA the European Award for Best practices, Brussels, the Rose of Paracelsus Award, Oxford, UK etc.

They have successfully treated 12000 patients from over 75 countries. Their biggest contribution has been to show the world through their clinical results and scientific papers that Autism can be treated and reversed. They published the world’s first scientific paper on the role of cellular therapy in autism. They have recently ventured into the futuristic field of Anti-Aging and have set up a dedicated Anti-Aging hospital in Navi Mumbai. Their expansion plans involves Stem cell centers in Surat, Kolkata, New Delhi, and Hyderabad, franchisee rehabilitation centers all over the country and a Digital rehabilitation platform for special children. With an upcoming facility in Bahamas NeuroGen will go global. Their pioneering work has given new hope to many and made India a World leader in the field of Regenerative medicine.

2: Ankita Gupta Founder and principle Architect I Design Spaces

There is no other force more motivating than passion, and Ankita Gupta is a perfect example. She started off with her second innings as an interior designer after being a home maker. Ankita’s startup I Design which was founded in basement room with just one part-time staff is reflection of her creative and passionate self. Ankita’s dedication and perfection has led the brand to be an achiever. In a span of 5 years they have finished over 25 projects and currently working on various projects.

A licensed architect by the Government of India and a creative critic by birth Ankita wanted to do something for the community by empowering them and its then that “Manasvini”happened which is an initiative to empower local artisans and giving a new direction to India’s famous hand block printing and making it reach every household. Manasvini offers a wide range of handmade home furnishing.

Ankita’s work has been recognised on various platforms. Ankita agrees that being a women entrepreneur is a challenging task while balancing act between personal, social, and professional life, all you need is, to have right balance in all spaces of life.

3: Vandana Sharma Founder & Chairperson of Sekhem Healing Centre Pvt. Ltd.

A philanthropist Mrs. Vandana Sharma is world’s most powerful energy healer. An Inventor, Innovator, Serial Entrepreneur, Business strategic consultant, educationist, life coach, digital marketing expert and an influencer. She is the inventor of the world’s most powerful Healing technique, Power of Powers which is limitless and is capable of accomplishing everything and anything. She can even defy laws of this universe. Her science works equally well on humans, plants, animals even machines.

She has healed almost 19000 people across the globe successfully irrespective of the type and complications of the issues like cancer, autism, Parkinson's, MS, OCD, Alzheimer's, Thalassemia etc. She has revived brain dead person with her super powers, she has upgraded businesses, changed weather, flight timings and rescued people from natural disasters. Recently she saved her clients in Florida from Ian hurricane.

During the covid -19 pandemic she healed and rescued more than 7500 seriously ill covid patients absolutely free.

She runs a preschool in Jaipur where orphans and underprivileged are given 5 - star facilities and world class education and also founded an NGO- Power of Powers Foundation the only entity in the Indian history which was incorporated in just two hours.

4: Neha Kandhari Artist Vastu Compliant Painter

World’s First Vastu Compliant Artist her paintings are a blend of spiritual and creative work. She wants to use her art to bring positivity, comfort and good fortune in the lives of people. An NCFM certified professional, CA Inter, a business woman and a mother of two she is the C.E.O of Vinfab Engineers India Private Limited. Felicitated by the Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Bhoopendra Patel, with Bharat Shikkhar Samman, Governor of Maharashtra as Iconic Woman in Arts and Creativity 2022. She has been honoured with Economic Times Most Influential Leader 2022.

Recognized as Icons of Excellence by Business Today and Iconic Woman of Excellence by Fortune India, also featured in Forbes India, she recently had a successful exhibition at The Bricklane Gallery, London. Nehha is also going to be a part of an Exhibition in Dubai in December 2022. Her Vastu Compliant Paintings are transforming people’s lives across the globe for the better. She has been commissioned for new pieces of art. The demand for her work has only been growing by the day. To the woman who is painting a better life for people, we say, “Make the entire world your Canvas.”

5: Prof. Dr. Neeraj Goyal Surgeon, Trainer, Mentor, Student of Life

Prof. Dr. Neeraj Goyal is a person who leads by example a renowned surgeon, Trainer, Mentor and a Student of Life. He is associated with Max Super speciality Hospital, New Delhi and considered a pioneer in the field of Laser Proctology and in the use of fully resorbable (P4HB) mesh for Hernia surgery.

An MBBS from LLRM Medical College, Meerut and a Masters of Surgery (MS) in General Surgery from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal.

Dr. Goyal boasts of 34,000 major surgeries including 5,000 laser proctology surgeries over a span of 21 years and has trained more than 1,000 surgeons in laser proctology and laparoscopic hernia.

Covered by "The Week" magazine he also received "Times Leading Entrepreneurs Award" and Economic Times “most influential leader’s award". Also recognised as “Surgeon Extraordinaire” in an article published in "Business Today". He was conferred with an award in "Magnetic Journey of Legends by Entrepreneurs Forum of India"

Dr. Goyal is also associated as a member with organizations like IMA, ASI, AMASI, IAGES, SELSI and India Hernia Society. He has obtained Fellowship in Laparoscopy (FIAGES in 2010 and FAIS in 2020) along with various other certificates in Laparoscopy from AIIMS, New Delhi & Ethicon Institute of Surgical Institute.

6: Prem Sinha Founder of HungryMind Learning Pvt. Ltd.

A research based financial institution from Pune,they believe that financial awakening is necessary to break the myth that managing personal finances is a rocket science. Anyone over 14 years of age, irrespective of their previous background and experience, can study the science of the financial markets to create wealth and prosperity for their family. Under the direction of the company's founders Mr. Prem Sinha and Mrs. Archana Sinha under the program WWW-Wise & Wealthy Women, yesterday's homemakers have evolved into today's professional traders and have also learnt how to make sound financial decisions.

Currently more than 100 dynamic & certified wealth managers are managing above 25 crores of cumulative fund.

By using straightforward and simple-to-understand elements, Mr. Sinha and his team have created wealth management systems and modules that grow one's wealth consistently. The company is establishing its own rules, and the next milestone is to develop this system of financial awakening to the point where 10,000 professional traders are each managing more than 25 lakhs capital, resulting in a total wealth of more than Rs. 2500 crore.

7: Arpit Gupta Director of A.G. Organica

One of the most important concerns of skin care industry is sustainability and the need of the hour is tested and organic products that are scientifically sound and thoroughly researched and AG Organica has positioned itself as a leader in this revolution through its innovative product line which solves a myriad of skin concerns. Their motto of always putting the customer’s needs above all else has been successful in transforming the skincare industry for the better. Mr. Arpit Gupta Director of A.G. Organica believes in quality and it is his commitment that has made the brand a global leader and is recognized as a most promising brand. AG Organica has achieved national recognition and its goal is to make India proud by setting and sustaining high standards of trust, delivering high-quality products and solutions

Designed for holistic well-being, the brand has been featured in Forbes and is growing every single day with their promise to deliver the best.

8: Dr. Shalini Nalwad and Dr. Rahul Singh Sarda Co-Founders of ICATT Air Ambulance

Founded and led by Intensive-care Specialists, Dr. Shalini Nalwad and Dr. Rahul Singh Sardar, trained in the NHS, United Kingdom in Anaesthesia and Critical care, were also part of the Aero-medical services in the UK. They relocated back home to India and ICATT was incorporated in India in 2017. They had a meteoric rise from a small team at a single base, to now, operating out of 4 bases in India and 4 bases outside India, with a robust team of 25 Specialist Doctors and support staff operating multiple Aircraft to be Asia’s largest Air Ambulance organisation. They undertook the challenge of successfully transferring a critical patient from Portland, Oregon, USA to Chennai which was technically the longest Air Ambulance transfer ever attempted. ICATT now has a dedicated International Division within its organisation, which caters to the Indian Diaspora in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Middle-East, Africa and South-east Asia. The Health insurance complexities of visiting Indians to these countries makes a service like ICATT a lifeline and a hope that they can avail an affordable world class service to reach back home. ICATT uses both Commercial Airlines as well as Dedicated Air Ambulance aircraft for these operations based on clinical demands

9: Dr. Prakash Kankaria Director of Sai Surya Netra Seva

The couple is of international repute in the field of ophthalmology. They founded “Sai Surya Netra Seva”, in 1985 at Ahmednagar. MBBS and ophthalmology from SRTR Medical College Ambajogai.

Dr Kankaria trained from Dr Fyoderove (USSR). Then stared RK Surgery to reduce spectacle number. He became pioneer in Refractive Laser and various surgeries of eyes and it benefiting young patients who relieved from eye defeats, and could capable for security services. The unmarried girls also got benefit.

Dr. Kankaria holds the World record of performing maximum Lasik surgeries more than 100 lasik surgeries in one day for the first time in the world. Then he performed 152 surgeries in a day. He did it more than 50 times.

Dr Kankaria started first private Eye Bank. He was the first and only eye surgeon in the country who performed eye donation of his own parents after their demise and performed corneal transplants on blind patients himself. Dr. Kankaria is the founder and National President of Refractive Society of India, Ex-President of MOS, IMA.

Dr Kankaria couple is socially very active. Both had been Rotary President. They have developed wasteland development project “Saiban” Dr Sudha embarked on a unique journey about 37 year back when she started pioneering initiative of 'Save the Girl Child' mission first time in India. They have received many awards. Their next generations Dr. Vardhaman and Dr. Shrutika are following their legendry work and started Asian Eye Hospital at Pune

10: Chitra Manwani Founder & Managing Director of Momo Nation Café

She has been one of the very few pioneers in the Indian Fast Food industry who has been instrumental in transforming the Indian Fast Food market. In 2016, her brand "Momo Nation Cafe" was founded by her and her late husband, Mr. Pradeep Patel. Their first, company-owned cafe was opened in New Delhi in 2016. Today, there are more than 80 franchisee outlets of Momo Nation Café across the country. They provide sustainable employment to 80 plus entrepreneurs and currently employ 300 plus youth in their system.

Prior to venturing into her own business, Chitra had an illustrious career as a Franchise and Business Development Consultant. She has been associated with companies like Citi, Franchise India, Paan Eatables, Franchising Association of India etc. Chitra has been single-handedly responsible for consulting and increasing the footprints of various established brands across domains and sectors. Some of the brands that owe a lot of their commercial success to her include the likes of 34 Chowringhee Lane, Giani's, Wizkids, etc. Needless to say, she has a palate full of accolades & awards to her credit and is a widely respected thought leader in the franchising industry today.