Dos and don'ts you should know if you're on a weight loss journey

Nutritionist shares dos and don'ts to know about while on a weight loss journey.

Dos and don'ts to know about during a weight loss journey. (Photo courtesy: Pexels)
Dos and don'ts to know about during a weight loss journey. (Photo courtesy: Pexels)


  • There are certain things to remember when one starts a weight loss journey.
  • Nutritionist shares five dos and don'ts to lose weight in a healthy way.
  • Don’t think about exercise as a punishment, suggests the expert.

With several diet trends flooding the internet, people struggling with weight issues have often been blinded by stringent methods of losing fat. While most dieticians opt for calorie-deficit diets, one has to tailor their lifestyle in order to lose weight in a healthy way.

As someone begins a weight loss journey, which mostly consists of lifestyle changes, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shares five things one should remember to do during their regime and five things they shouldn’t do to stay fit.

“Health is multidisciplinary, it isn’t a calorie equation,” she wrote in one of her Instagram posts.


- Eat as per your appetite. Rujuta Diwekar recommends having food according to one's appetite and not skipping meals.
- Do make the time to exercise. Physical activity has been associated with heart health and weight. It ensures proper blood circulation in the body and maintains metabolism.
- Do make it a point to sleep on time. Most medical experts recommend sleeping for at least 7 hours every night.
- Do keep sustainability in mind with every choice.
- Do continue to enjoy every aspect of life. Rujuta Diwekar recommended spending time with friends and family. Pursuing various hobbies like travelling can keep stress at bay.

Expert recommends taking time out to exercise. (Photo courtesy: Pexels)


- Don’t make it your only project for weight loss.
- Don’t see adaptation time as failure (12 weeks for a response to sustained stimuli)
- Don’t think about exercise as a punishment.
- Don’t consider eating food a crime.
- Don’t track every step, calorie, kilogram. It is important to eat what makes you happy, rather than calculating the calories entering the body. Stress will only add to your problems.

Having home-cooked meals, restricting junk food and sleeping on time are some ways, suggested by Rujuta Diwekar, to ensure a healthy weight loss.

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