Environment & Climate Change

List of 20 most polluted cities in the world

Here is the list of the 20 most polluted cities in the world as per the SoGA report.

Stochastic resonance in climate: IIT prof explains how Earth switches between ice age and greenhouse periods

Earth's climate essentially switches between two phases; one is the 'ice age' and another is the 'greenhouse period'. Why does this happen? An IIT professor explained how stochastic resonance (SR)works.

What are Ramsar sites? List of Ramsar sites in India

Here is all you need to know about the importance, significance, history and the list of Ramsar sites in India.

World Environment Day: From fractals to Fibonacci, 5 things to show math is an integral part of nature

On World Environment Day, here are five things that show mathematics is an integral part of nature.

Tree Plantation: Meaning, importance and benefits

Tree plantation is recognised as one of the most engaging, environmentally-friendly activities. Check out the meaning, importance and benefits of tree plantation.

World Earth Day: What you can do to 'Protect our Species' 

The theme for this year's 'World Earth Day' has been titled as 'Protect our species' which aims to draw attention to the rapid extinction of species across the world.

Air Pollution may increase the risk of developing diabetes

The study undertaken by Washington University in USA found that one out of seven new cases of diabetes, in 2016, were caused due to air pollution.

Climate change can rot these plants in future: Study

Climate change can cause soil-borne plant pathogens for diseases like dry root rot of chickpea in future, says a recent study conducted by Indian scientists.

Explained: Solar geoengineering and its definition and risks

Understand what solar geoengineering is and its impact on climate change.

5 highest mountains of India

Here is a list of 10 of the highest mountains in India.

7 ways animal agriculture harms the plant: What can you do to help?

On World Environment Day 2021, here are seven ways which show how animal agriculture can have a devastating impact on the environment in the long run.

Our health depends on nature’s health: 20 Aichi targets to restore balance on Earth

On International Day of Biological Diversity 2021, let’s look at 20 Aichi targets that will help restore the balance of life on Earth.