Latest Studies

This sector has seen 96% growth in job openings in last two quarters: Survey

A survey by Avsar has found the cities and sectors generating the highest number of jobs in India.

What do employers look for while hiring freshers? Report gives answer

The TeamLease Edtech Career Outlook Report addresses the pertinent question of what employers look for while hiring freshers.

Top 10 rising skills in India, top skills in popular jobs and industries released by LinkedIn: Full list

LinkedIn has launched the new upskilling data with 'Skills Evolution 2022' and 'Future of Skills 2022'. The two reports respectively list the top 10 rising skills in India and the top rising skills across popular jobs and industries today in India.

Women professionals lead the HR domain: Report

A report by Spectrum Talent Management shows that the hiring ratio of men v/s women in HR has been historically higher and currently stands at a 40:60 ratio in favour of women.

Top 3 factors students use to select university do not include rankings: Survey

The 2022 IC3 Institute Student Quest Survey found the top factors that students now use to select a university for higher studies. Surprisingly, university rankings do not feature in the top three.

59% of Indian companies keen to hire freshers in July-December 2022: Top locations, industries, job roles

As per a TeamLease EdTech report, 59% of Indian companies are keen to hire freshers in July-December 2022 as opposed to the same period in 2021. Check out the top locations, industries, and job roles for freshers.

Learning recovery after schools reopen: What's working? | Study

The world suffered a massive learning loss in school children due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. The Azim Premji Foundation conducted a field study to see what is working in the process of learning recovery.

'Creativity', 'growth mindset' top list of soft skills in demand in India: Research

Research by job site Indeed has found the top soft skills in demand in India. The data shows that the demand for creativity and a growth mindset has risen exponentially in recent months. Check out the top 10 soft skills in demand.

Children lost social skills, get easily distracted after Covid-19, say 58% teachers: Learning loss survey

In a survey by Smile Foundation learning loss and education recovery, 58% of teachers surveyed said that they felt children lost social skills and got distracted easily after the Covid-19 lockdown.

70% of young professionals aim to upskill themselves with new-age digital skills: Survey

A survey by professional education firm Imarticus Learning found that 70% of young professionals aim to upskill themselves with new-age digital skills.

CBSE teachers say adopting technology improves learning outcomes, diversifies learning: Survey

In a survey conducted by Navneet TopTech, CBSE teachers said that adopting technology improved learning outcomes and diversifies learning for students.

81.4% of students feel safe going back to school, over 70% rely on digital learning: Survey

A Brainly survey has found that 81.4% of students feel safe about going back to school now while over 70% rely on digital learning and the new avenues it opens.