4 HR practices to help your organisation become a great place to work

Checkout the below-mentioned 4 HR practices that can help your organisation become a great place to work.


By India Today Web Desk: Irrespective of the hiring situation and available opportunities, it’s always a challenge for organisations to retain quality talent. Post-Covid, the world was witness to phenomenal turbulence in the hiring scene with soaring attrition rates. While that storm is calming down to some extent, a debate on what makes an organisation stand out in terms of employee satisfaction is necessary for it to be future-proof and on the trajectory of growth.


More organisations are banking on robust HR strategies to demonstrate a work culture that cares for employees' physical, mental and financial well-being.

A strong team is the single most significant factor in success for any organisation. Therefore, a welcoming workplace, right from its office layout to having an open-door policy, where the human assets – the employees, can approach and have access to one another, from the newest intern to those in a leadership position, would go a long way in promoting inclusivity and encouragement.


Exceptional and inspiring leaders lead great workplaces. When an organization expects employees to be loyal, having a beautiful workplace won't just do the job.

Everything boils down to the top leadership, which inspires employees to feel nurtured and professionally ripe. To build an influential leadership team, organisations must ensure a sense of respect, trust, and honesty between them.

For instance, when associates have a question, an idea, or a problem – leadership should not put it on the back burner but instead discuss and look out how to solve it together. This effectively brings in the vibe and reinforces camaraderie in the teams.


Building a great workplace falls short unless an organisation adopts a truly inclusive approach. Employees’ engagement and dedication toward work depend on how the company perceives each employee and vice-versa. Organisations that lead in diversity and inclusion build the strongest workforce in the industry.

They offer equal opportunities to all genders and people from different backgrounds – religions, cultures, and demographics. Organisations can build a creative and innovative workforce, whether it is about encouraging people to be who they are, voicing their opinion, or pursuing a hobby (through the hobby day).


An organisation should invest in building great products, offering world-class service to its clients, and ensuring that its employees are up-skilled, cross-skilled, and reskilled regularly. Investing in employee learning and development programs can help organisations make room for building a highly skilled and capable workforce.

By enabling skill development, organisations can retain their existing talent, boost employee engagement and attract great talent. Along with L&D opportunities, organisations should have policies of flexible work hours, generous maternity benefits, starting over, and occasional work from home that go a long way in maintaining work-life balance.



Regular indoor and outdoor sports activities provide a great platform for the teams to express and bond beyond work. Organisations should understand – celebrations are not just limited to major festivities like Christmas, New Year, Diwali, or Iftaar parties, but every small success can be celebrated with the same gusto.

In addition, appreciating an individual’s objective and facilitating the achievement of the same in alignment with the organisation’s objectives also result in greater satisfaction and better outputs. For those looking for a more meaningful social contribution, consider a social responsibility programme which would provide an ideal platform.

Various initiatives like blood donation camps, volunteering at government schools, and visiting old-aged homes all work towards contributing to society in specific and meaningful ways.


Adopting the most HR practices resulted in companies such as PurpleTalk, Avaada, Eastman Chemical, and others featuring among the best companies to work for in India in AmbitionBox’s ranking for 2022.

The reviews from their employees clearly indicate that the companies created a fun environment that fostered open-mindedness, employee-friendly policies, and inclusive decision-making.


As a result, focusing on the characteristics that help organisations become great places to work leads to growth trajectories for employees and their businesses.

--Article by Richie Joseph, Director-HR, [x]cube LABS.