Shiba Wings, SHIB's crypto-integrated restaurant to set foot in Australia

The SHIB Army, i.e., Shiba Inu Community is all geared up for the launch of Shiba Wings Restaurant in Australia’s Gold Coast. It is a chicken restaurant with a crypto ATM installed on the premises.


In Short

  • Shiba Inu Community is all set to launch Shiba Wings Restaurant in Australia
  • The eatery will have a crypto ATM installed on the premises
  • It will allow crypto payments to place orders for its menu of hot wings, burgers, and beers

By Jasmine Anand:

The fanbase of the canine-themed meme coin, Shiba Inu, is all set to launch a restaurant in Gold Coast, Australia. This chicken restaurant, named Shiba Wings, will have a crypto ATM installed on the premises.

The eatery, touted to be Australia’s first ‘cryptoDINER,’ is set to open on the Gold Coast and will allow cryptocurrency payments for placing orders for burgers, hot wings, and beer.

The said restaurant bears Shiba Inu with fiery wings as its logo, possibly suggesting the SHIB burning mechanism.

The new eating joint would implement the payment solution of the NowPayments platform, which allows cryptos as a payment method to serve dishes. Further, Shiba Wings is open to integrating Shibarium, the layer two upgrade to improve the scalability of SHIB on the Ethereum blockchain, state the restaurant's owners.

Other SHIB-based restaurants in the news

Interestingly, this Australian-based restaurant is not the only SHIB-accepting restaurant that is making its debut over the last year. According to reports, Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of Shiba, in February, revealed SHIB teaming up with Welly, an Italian burger chain.

Moreover, another Shiba Inu branded food venture, titled Shiba food park had been launched in Venezuela.

Road ahead

It is anticipated this revelation regarding Shiba Wings, along with its upcoming upgrades including Shibarium and Shiba Eternity, might drive the meme coin's price in the near future.

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