Crypto prices today: Bitcoin, Ethereum & Solana down while meme coins gain

FTX crisis impacted the price of cryptocurrencies on November 22, Bitcoin fell by 2.14%, Ethereum by 2.28% and Solana down by 1.20%.

Crypto prices today:Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana down while meme coins gain

In Short

  • FTX crisis continued to affect Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana
  • Dogecoin recorded gains of 7.52%
  • Metaverse ETP and Decentraland prices decline

By Nidhi Bhardwaj: The FTX crisis continued to have an impact on the price of cryptocurrencies on November 22. The global market cap fell by 0.93 percent to $788.84 billion and remained below $1 trillion, while its overall volume continued to rise by 12.54 percent to $64.87 billion, falling from yesterday's highs. As of now, the price of Bitcoin is $15,820.72, down 2.14 percent from yesterday's value of $16304.08 and down $59139.78 total from one year ago, as per CoinMarketCap.


Ethereum had a further decline of 2.28 percent to $1,105.31, marking a year-low of -74.30%. Maybe the recent FTX hacker conversion of Ether into Ren Bitcoin could be one of the reasons behind Ethereum’s decrease. On the other hand, over the previous day, Solana decreased by 1.20 percent to $11.63. The FTX token was up 0.40 percent to trade at $1.31 at the time of writing (0930 IST), after experiencing a consistent decline of more than 10 percent from the record set in the previous week. Other currencies like BNB and Cardano declined, with a 1.32 percent and a 0.09 percent down, respectively, to $256.86 and $0.306715, while the price of XRP increased by 0.72 percent from yesterday's lows to $0.359817.

With current growth rates of 10.71 percent, 6.11 percent, 5.60 percent, and 4.08 percent, respectively, Huobi Token, Chainlink, ImmutableX, and Curve Dao Token are among the top gainers. On the other hand, the top losers included UNUS SED LEO, Chiliz, Algorand, and Quant.

Top meme coins recorded gains

Over the past 24 hours, the entire value of meme coins has spiked by 7.52 percent to $0.021888, compared to the previous day's lows. Shiba Inu's value went up by 2.18 percent to $0.000008, followed by Dogecoin's price increase of 0.10 percent to $0.076058.

Metaverse token prices fall

The value of Metaverse ETP is down by 1.86 percent to $0.023012. Another top Metaverse token, Decentraland, registered a decrease of 0.38 percent to $0.373316.