Man fakes his robbery over debt due to online gaming in Madhya Pradesh, 4 held

A Madhya Pradesh man filed a complaint that two men robbed him of Rs 10 lakh. When police nabbed the accused, they said that it was planned by the complainant since he had a debt of Rs 8 lakh due to online gaming. 4 men were arrested in connection with this.

Representative image of accused being arrested wearing handcuffs
Madhya Pradesh Police arrested four men for being involved in a fake robbery. (Representative image)


  • A man had faked his robbery since he had a debt of Rs 8 lakh due to online gaming
  • He had involved 2 friends to fake his robbery but they revealed the plan when police caught them
  • Based on this, police officials arrested all the 4 people involved in the incident

Madhya Pradesh Police arrested four people for being involved in a fake robbery. The person who filed the complaint had masterminded the entire robbery and roped in three men to participate in it. The incident occurred in Mandideep town.

The main accused had planned the fake robbery since he had accrued a debt of Rs 8 lakh as he was addicted to online gaming.

Narmadapuram Range Inspector-General, Deepika Suri, said that a young man named Shivam Meena had lodged an FIR stating he was robbed of Rs 10 lakh. The complainant, Shivam, said that two people on a bike had thrown chilli powder in his eyes and robbed him of Rs 10 lakh. The police registered a case and started investigating the incident.

Police scanned the CCTV cameras around the incident site and found the two youngsters involved. After that, police scanned 800 CCTV cameras and prepared a route chart from Mandideep to Bhopal through which the robbers fled.

The robbers also changed their clothes, but police managed to nab the two youngsters based on the colour of the bike. When the police questioned them, they revealed that the young man who filed the robbery FIR had prepared this whole plan.


After that, police took the complainant, Shivam, into custody and questioned him. He confessed to the crime and said that he had a debt of lakhs of rupees. To pay this off, he had created the whole fake robbery.

During questioning, Shivam Meena said he was addicted to playing online games due to which he had incurred a lot of debt. Apart from this, he had also borrowed from many people due to which he had a debt of around Rs 8 lakh rupees.

Shivam planned the fake robbery and involved three of his friends. Two of his friends, Ayush Jain and Deepak Meena, carried out the fake robbery by putting chilli powder in Shivam's eyes. After that, they put the looted money in another friend's account so that their name did not appear anywhere.

Based on Shivam’s confession, police arrested all four people involved in the crime.

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