Pitbull dog bites cow's jaw in Kanpur, locals come to rescue | Video

A cow was rescued in Kanpur after a pitbull dog attacked its jaw and refused to let go. However, it backed off after locals intervened.

Pitbull dog attacks cow in the Sarsaiya Ghat area of UP's Kanpur.
Pitbull dog attacks cow in the Sarsaiya Ghat area of UP's Kanpur.

Amid the recent spate of attacks by dogs, pets and strays, a video of a pitbull-bred dog attacking a cow in Uttar Pradesh has surfaced. The incident occurred near Kanpur's Sarsaiya Ghat.

Seemingly unaware and not affected by the commands of his owner, the ferocious dog was seen clinging to the cow's jaw and muzzle. It left the grip on the cow's face only after the efforts of locals and the owner rescued the cow after hitting the dog with a cane stick.

Video of a pitbull dog attacking a cow in Kanpur

Sources said that a total of four pitbull dogs are left with residents of Sarsaiya Ghat. They have expressed their concerns for their children, cattle and pet animals.

54 per cent of US Pitbulls are seeking homes, up from 41 per cent in 2018, a breed survey report stated. In fact, a survey stated that where there existed 48 dog bite-related deaths in the US in 2019, about 69 per cent of them were attributed to Pitbulls.

Despite many deeming the pitbull as a breed that would save their small children and guard the house, pitbull dogs and related hunting breeds are up for adoption and abandoned at a rate higher than any other breed.

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Following the incident in Lucknow wherein an elderly person was mauled to death by a pitbull dog, several residential and local civic bodies have tabled compliance. Now, the owners are required to receive licenses to pet them.

In another incident, a pet pitbull dog in UP's Ghaziabad bit off a chunk of an 11-year-old boy who in return sustained more than 150 stitches on his face.

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