25-year-old man murders friend over Rs 500 in Delhi, arrested

A 25-year-old man murdered his friend in Delhi after an altercation broke out between them over 500 rupees that was used to purchase drugs. Police arrested the accused.

Delhi Police with the arrested accused.
Delhi Police with the arrested accused.


  • The victim and accused were friends and drug addicts
  • The victim had given Rs 500 to the accused to bring some drug
  • Altercations ensued and the accused murdered the victim

A 25-year-old man was arrested by Delhi Police for murdering his friend for Rs 500. The incident occurred on Sunday, September 18. They were both drug addicts and an altercation had taken place between them, after which the accused stabbed the victim with a knife.

On 18th September at about 10.40 PM, police got information from a hospital that a person who was admitted with a sharp injury had died during treatment. A police team reached the hospital and identified the deceased as 22-year-old Shahrukh.

Police registered a case and began investigations. The probe revealed that Shahrukh worked as a dye maker in an iron factory. On the day of the incident, he was seen with his friend Salman, who worked in the same factory.

It was further discovered that they were both drug addicts, and on the day of the incident, they had an altercation over drugs. Salman was found missing from his house.

Based on confidential information, a trap was laid near Jafrabad Metro Station and Salman was apprehended. He confessed to the crime and revealed that the deceased had given him Rs 500 to bring some drugs and they had an altercation over it. To take revenge, he stabbed Shahrukh and fled from the spot.

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