Bus stuck in pothole dug for drinking water pipeline in Coimbatore | Watch

A bus got stuck in a pothole on Coimbatore’s Tadagam road on Wednesday. Tadagam road has been filled with potholes since it was dug up for laying drinking water pipelines.

The bus which was stuck in a pothole in Coimbatore.
The bus which was stuck in a pothole in Coimbatore.


  • A bus got stuck inside a pothole in Coimbatore
  • A crane has been deployed to remove it
  • Traffic snarls occurred in the area due to the incident

A bus was stuck in a pothole dug for laying drinking water pipelines in Coimbatore. Due to this, traffic was affected in the area on Wednesday, September 21.

The work of laying drinking water pipes has been going on in Coimbatore’s Tadagam Road from Shivaji Colony to KNG Pudur. For this, the primary state highway, Tadagam Road, has been dug up and has been filled with potholes at various places.

A ditch was dug two days ago and drinking water pipes were installed. A private bus coming along this road unexpectedly got stuck in a pothole.

Due to the incident, all the passengers on the bus were deboarded and the bus had to be lifted out of the pothole with a crane. The bus got stuck in the pothole resulting in traffic snarls in the area. Due to this, vehicular traffic has been rerouted to Tadagam Road.

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