College student wields weapon on train in Chennai | Caught on Cam

A college student was spotted hanging dangerously from the footboard of a train in Chennai. He was wielding a machete and striking it against the platform floor and the train’s compartment. A video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

A college student brandishing a weapon on a train in Chennai.
A college student brandishing a weapon on a train in Chennai.


  • A college student was seen brandishing a weapon on a train in Chennai
  • A video of the unruly and illegal behaviour has gone viral on social media
  • Police are conducting further investigations into the matter

Another instance of college students’ unruly behaviour and brandishing weapons was caught on camera in the suburbs of Chennai. The video of the student standing dangerously on the footboard of the train and brandishing a machete has gone viral on social media.

In the video, a group of college students were seen hanging onto a pole near the entrance of a train in a dangerous way.

However, the shocking part was one of the students had a machete in his hand and was striking it on the platform and also hitting the train’s compartment with it. Shocked commuters stood frozen watching the illegal behaviour of the students.

For years, students of Pachaiyappa college and Presidency College have been caught on camera for unruly behaviour, carrying weapons in public, attacking each other and causing danger to commuters, while police have been less effective at bringing them under control.

The recent video was shot near Avadi station on a train travelling from Velacheri to Arakkonam.

Sources claim that the students were from Pachaiyappa College. They were acting in such a manner after boarding the train at the Perambur railway station.

Further investigation is underway.

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