India Lockdown star Aahana Kumra says 'my story will open conversations on loneliness' | Exclusive

Aahana Kumra will be seen playing the role of a pilot in upcoming Zee5 film India Lockdown. In an exclusive conversation with, the actress talked about the subject of loneliness.

Aahana Kumra in India Lockdown.
Aahana Kumra in India Lockdown.

By Grace Cyril: Aahana Kumra has played diverse roles in her career, and there is no stopping her. Her next film titled India Lockdown is all set to release on Zee5 on December 2. Ahead of that, the actress sat down for an exclusive conversation with where she talked about her role and how she met a female pilot to understand her life. Aahana also opened up about the subject of loneliness and she dealt with it when she contracted the deadly Covid-19 virus twice.



In India Lockdown, Aahana Kumra plays the role of a pilot who is going through loneliness during the Covid-19 pandemic. To get a better understanding of her role, the actress got in touch with a female pilot. Aahana said, "Madhur sir was kind enough to connect me with his female pilot. When I first met him, he told me, ‘I don’t want to see Aahana Kumra.” So we experimented on different looks, tried different hairstyles, wigs, etc. I didn’t want a wig so Madhur said, ‘yeah fine, do what you want to do.’ That was one homework he gave me, he wanted to see my character not me. I curled my hair, tried glasses, etc and found the right one."

She added, "I called up his (Madhur’s) friend Annie who was a commercial pilot. We spoke at length and I asked her if wearing glasses were fine. She said it was fine for a commercial pilot. It was incredible to speak to her about her life, how her schedule is like, how she manages her home and career. It was a great insight. They have a very luxurious kind of life and they are always flying. Imagine that kind of person to have complete standstill and be confided to your house and not have companionship."

Further talking about loneliness, Aahana said, "What is incredible about my story in the film is loneliness which a lot of people dealt with globally. Loneliness is such an important conversation in today’s time. Our lives rush so fast we don’t even remember living. I don’t even understand where have all my years gone. I feel like I have still not achieved anything. My on-screen story made me think how would I deal with loneliness because I have never lived alone. I have always had friends and family surrounding me."

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Aahana Kumra shares that she has never been alone, but always surrounded by people. Hence, when she had to go in isolation after testing positive for the novel coronavirus, it was difficult for her. "The penny drop for me was when I went into isolation. Madhur used to call me and ask me if I was doing okay. It felt nice to know that there was someone worried about you. The first person after my quarantine to meet me was my nephew. He hugged me tightly and it felt so good because no one had touched me for 21 days. I had no human connection. It just felt so different. After that first hug, I was like,’ this is what I have missed.’ I cuddled my nephew the whole day. It’s the small things that matter. It really does," she said.



Opening up her lockdown experience during the pandemic, Aahana Kumra said, "It was a very quiet and peaceful time for me. For the first time I could hear the parrots in Mumbai. I come from a city where you always hear parrots and peacocks and when I came to Mumbai, it suddenly turned into crows and pigeons. There are so many people in Bombay. So lockdown was a peaceful time for me. I spent a lot of time with my family, we cooked, we divided duties, exercised, moreover I slept in the afternoon! This was a luxury for me. Bombay is a city which rushes you to everything. You don’t even have time to sit back and introspect. Lockdown was the best time I had with myself."

India Lockdown is directed by Madhur Bhandarkar. The film promises to bring the horrors of the Covid-19 lockdown in India. The film stars Aahana Kumra, Prateik Babbar, Shweta Prasad Basu and Sai Tamhankar, among others.