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Controversy, Drama and One Lie: Dissecting the Deepti-Charlie run-out | Sledging Room, Ep 16

The run-out stirred a controversy which overshadowed India's historic 3-0 whitewash of England in the ODI series. But why this fuss over a dismissal which was completely within the laws of the game? Tune in!

From Iran to India: Hijab's Duality & Why We Should Question Purdah System | Geeta’s World, Ep 11

We understand this dichotomy between what’s happening in Iran and India, and delve a little deeper into the very different meanings that the hijab has assumed in different countries. Listen in!

Looking for Love on a Dating App? High Five! | The Right Swipe Ep 01

Downloaded a dating app or thinking about it? Here’s the A to Z of dating to help you make sense of the dating game. Listen in!

New Hope for Cancer Cure | Nothing But The Truth Ep 22

How is cancer caused and what is its new hope for cure? Raj Chengappa discusses. Tune in.

Putin’s Warning: Playing Poker with Nukes? | In our Defence Ep 26

Russian President Putin said that he was not bluffing on nukes and ordered a partial mobilisation of Russian citizens. But well, has Putin’s bluff been called out? Is it also the admission of Russia’s failure? Tune in to find out!

Is Rohit Sharma too angry as captain? Sledging Room, Ep 15

Is Rohit Sharma more composed as Mumbai Indians skipper? Is he showing too many emotions as India captain? We discuss in Sledging Room. Listen in!

Why India sees value in SCO, despite China-Pak nexus | Geeta's World, Ep 10

SCO Summit from a Reporter’s Lens; Geeta Mohan with host Anna Priyadarshini discuss if there are dead-ends at the SCO for India, when it comes to resolving some of our most crucial geopolitical hurdles? Tune in!

The Cheetahs are Back | Nothing But The Truth Ep 21

Seventy years after it was hunted to extinction, the big cat returned to India's wild. What will it take to make it survive? Raj Chengappa explains. Tune in!

Can the China Standoff be Resolved? | In our Defence Ep 25

What is the reality of eastern Ladakh? What is the difficulty in “resolving” the standoff? Abhishek Bhalla and Dev Goswami discuss in this episode of In Our Defence. Tune in!

Should India open with Virat Kohli? | Sledging Room Ep 14

Has Virat Kohli put himself in the mix as an opener in the shortest format of the game? Will India make changes at the top? Tune in!

Should we even mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II? | Geeta’s World, Ep 09

We discuss Queen Elizabeth II’s chequered past, her studied silence on issues of racism and imperialism, question the relevance of the Commonwealth of Nations in today’s day and age, talk about the royal family’s penchant for wearing jewellery stolen from across the world, and more. Tune in!

Meet the new Mr Natwarlal | Nothing But The Truth with Raj Chengappa, Ep 20

The Life and Cons of Sukesh Chandrashekhar. Tune in!