North Korea Fires Two Ballistic Missiles Ahead Of The US Kamala Harris Visit 

North Korea's Missile firing comes ahead of the US's Vice President Kamala Harris' visit. The missile firing is against the UN's sanctions, North Korea's Kim Jong-Un said the missiles were to defend North Korea against the US’ threats. 

Top News | 29th September 22

German Shepherds Are Being Trained By Indo-Tibetan Police To Protect Cheetahs

Four-legged commandos are being trained by the Indo-Tibetan border police to protect the cheetahs. These German shepherds will protect the newly introduced cheetahs at the Kuno National Park.

Top News | 29th September 22

Wipro, TCS Pay Engineers Less Than Startups | Explained

How much do software engineers earn in India and are there differences between the salaries at service companies like Wipro, TSC and product startups like Sharechat and Zomato? Insight into around 50,000 salaries reveal some key findings. This video will tell you all that you need to know.

Top News | 29th September 22

PFI Is Banned In India For The Next Five Years, Here Are Other Organizations That Were Banned In India

On 28th September 2022, Popular Front India was banned by India. The PFI has joined the list of organisations that were banned by India. As per the government, PFI has the potential to disturb public peace and communal harmony of the country and support militancy within the country. In this video we will tell you about the other organisations that are banned by the Indian govt.

Top News | 29th September 22

Pothole accidents: Potholes caused over 5,000 deaths, shows 2018-2020 road accidents data, heres why

Remember the ‘astronaut’ moonwalking in Bengaluru potholes in 2019? Not a lot has changed since then. From wedding photoshoots to yoga, citizens protested in unique forms this rainy season too. No matter what Indian city you live in, you definitely travel over potholed roads. And these can be deadly. Between 2018 and 2020, potholes led to the death of 5,626 people. Watch to know why 

Top News | 29th September 22

All women, married or unmarried, have right to safe abortion: Supreme Courts Big Order

In a historic verdict on abortion, the Supreme Court has ruled that unmarried women are also entitled to seek abortion of pregnancy under the law. Watch this story to know more.

Top News | 29th September 22

Next, you’ll want condoms: Bihar womens panel chief on students’ request for sanitary pads

At an event in Bihar, schoolgirls made a request for sanitary pads to be made available for free. Watch the shocking reply of IAS officer Harjot Kaur Bhamra.

Top News | 29th September 22

Bihar Court Issues Arrest Warrant against Ekta Kapoor and Mother Shobha Over an Objectionable Scene in XXX

A Bihar court has now issued an arrest warrant against Ekta Kapoor and her mom Shobha for allegedly insulting the Army in web show XXX. The complaint was made by an ex-serviceman. Watch to know more.

Top News | 29th September 22