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Sitaram Kesri, the Congress president who had his dhoti pulled

While making Ashok Gehlot Congress president triggered a crisis, removing Sitaram Kesri from the post was a bigger challenge. Here is the story of the 1998 coup and what happened before and after that reshaped the party.

Sheikh Hasina: The steady hands guiding South Asia’s youngest nation

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's resolve and commitment to see her country get the 'developed' tag has not gone unnoticed by the global community. Here's a look at the achievements and struggles of Sheikh Hasina on her 75th birthday.

From Karnataka to Punjab via MP, it's past imperfect, future tense for Congress

As Rajasthan is the latest state where infighting within the Congress is leading to a political crisis, only a decisive and clear leadership at the top can save the grand old party and unite the opposition to mount an offensive against the mighty BJP.

Congress' Rajasthan storm and its implications for both party unity and role of central leadership

Rajasthan Congress plunged into a crisis after over 80 MLAs, loyalists of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot's camp, submitted their resignation letters to the Assembly Speaker, CP Joshi, at his residence on Sunday night. Let us dig deeper to understand its ramifications.

Genesis of Congress' Rajasthan tangle: The ‘art’ of making simple things complex

A fresh crisis erupted in the Rajasthan Congress after 82 MLAs of CM Ashok Gehlot's camp submitted their resignation to assembly speaker CP Joshi on Sunday night.

New Face of Terrorism in Bharat: The (Un)Popular Front of India | VIEWS

The PFI has been propagating radicalism in Bharat since its inception. It is unhealthy for society at large and needs to be wiped out, writes Sandeep Krishnarao Patil.

Battle of Haifa: When Jodhpur Lancers uprooted Turks from Israel 

On this day, a cavalry charge of Jodhpur Lancers, eliminated fortified Turkish position with lancers and swords.

Brahmastra: The much-needed Sanjeevani for Hindi cinema?

Brahmastra is a breath of fresh air for the Hindi film industry. It is new in its concept and puts forward an honest effort.

Watching Jogi as a 10-year-old in 1984: An average movie but essential for Netflix gen

For all its flaws and characteristic Bollywoodism, Diljit Dosanjh’s Jogi serves as a relevant production for the Netflix generation.

Bilkis Bano’s fight is every Indian woman’s fight | VIEW

Will we, as women of the world and this country, not raise our voices, in support of another woman? We must! This is not a rant, but an earnest appeal. If we do not stand by Bilkis today, no one will stand for us tomorrow!

Bad air alert: Why we fail to tackle killer winter pollution year after year

In roughly a month, toxic air pollution will leave Delhi gasping again. But why have authorities failed to address this annual health emergency despite so much noise? And what needs to be done now?

Gehlot vs G-23 dissenters: Why a contest for Congress prez poll looks inevitable

The dissenters within the Congress have closed ranks to force a contest whether a Gandhi or a non-Gandhi family member enters the fray.